Build a better World by helping people help each other to find the RIGHT Part.

The structured cabling business revolves around part numbers. We specify part numbers, we quote part numbers, we take orders for part numbers, we purchase with part numbers, we use part, we build with parts and we talk part numbers.

The question quickly becomes “What parts can we use instead?” Can we cross reference a competitors part number and sell ours instead? Can we use a different manufacturer of a component of a product to meet a delivery date or to reduce cost? The problem of course is figuring out which parts are equivalent. We have spent many hours pouring over catalogs, data sheet, drawings and web sites trying to find all the details of part to be confident that we are comparing apple to apples.

After being tired and frustrated with this process for a long time we decided there had to be a better way. The problem was that there was just way too much data for once person to enter, let alone keep up to date. New catalogs and part numbers are created every day. That’s when we had the idea to get some help. In order to get enough help to get this done we thought it might work if we asked the world to help us. So that’s were we are now. This site is meant to be a place for anyone and everyone to share what they know about part numbers. Help each other to find the right parts.

The idea is to supply a platform for people to participate in the creation and maintenance of a part number database. Any participant can add, change, or comment on a part. You can share what you know and learn from other participants as well. The manufacturers may or may not be interested in participating but we don’t plan to rely on them.

Access to the information that the community provides will always be free to access for all. Where we are hoping to make some money is by advertising and offering some premium services in the future. We will not give anyone your contact information unless you ask us to and there won’t be a bunch of emails from us trying to sell products you just looked at.

The site is new and there are a lot of improvements to come. We hope you will tell us what you like and, maybe even more importantly, what you don’t like.

We hope you find this site useful. Please participate!


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